The Reason This Man Bought A Bottle Of Ranch For $1,000 Is Actually Really Sweet

This man bought a $1,000 bottle of ranch for a fundraiser benefitting an animal shelter that recently experienced a tragedy.

Credit: ABC News

Credit: ABC News

When Cane Rosso Pizza, a pizzeria in Texas that has a strict ban on ranch dressing, put up a large bottle of ranch dressing for sale for $1,000 five years ago, they never imagined it would ever sell. Since the pizzeria scorns the use of ranch with pizza, resulting in the restaurant’s ban, they decided selling the ranch for $1,000 would be a tongue-in-cheek move.

Fast forward five years, and Josh Tipton, a regular at Cane Rosso, finally found a reason to buy the ranch dressing—so he did it. He took out his credit card and paid $1,000 outright for the bottle, but of course it wasn’t so he could enjoy a long-expired condiment.

At the time, Cane Rosso was having a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Southeast Texas and the dressing was, as always, on sale. The animal shelter had just had a terrible fire completely destroy their shelter and, devastatingly, took the lives of 74 dogs with it, many of which were in the puppy room. On March 21st, Cane Rosso Pizza decided to hold a fundraiser where 100% of the sales from 5-10 PM would be donated to the shelter.

Credit: Cane Rosso Pizza

Credit: Cane Rosso Pizza

That’s when Tipton decided to spend $1,000 to actually help out the animal shelter. Tipton told ABC News, “I’ve always kind of wanted to be the guy to buy the bottle of ranch, but since it was going to such a great cause it seemed like the right time to do it.” So although the ranch started out as a joke, years later it has become a serious source of help for an animal shelter after experiencing a tragedy.

The pizzeria proudly posted the photo of the empty case that once held the ranch and announced that it ultimately raised $20,000 for the Humane Society of Southeast Texas.

The Humane Society still has a long way to go before they can start building their new facility, not to mention the cost of fostering their cats, which were relatively unharmed, and getting veterinary care for their surviving 13 dogs. If you would like to contribute to their GoFundMe page to help them get back on their feet, you can donate here, but it’s strongly advised that you don’t read the info page or the updates unless you’re in a place where you can comfortable sob loudly.

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