The REAL Homeless Man Experiment

Are we judging others without even realizing it?

Perception is everything. From the clothes we pick out in the morning to the people we associate ourselves with on a daily basis, so many of the decisions we make every day are subconsciously based on how we want the rest society to view us. Some of us may scoff at those whom we perceive have more than us, while others will admire and look up to decadency. Whether we know it or not, we are all judging others based on the superficial.

Do you consider yourself a generous person?

Would you be more willing to give to the less fortunate based on appearance alone? Most people believe they are the exception. We tell ourselves that we will lend a helping hand to everyone equally, but is that actually true?

Do we really treat everyone equally when we think no one is watching? The results may very well shock and make you re-think how you view others.



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