The New World Order in 2012 and How We Can Defeat It

Andrew Puhanic, Contributor

In 2012 very few people understand what the New World Order is all about and how the New World Order has evolved to what it is today. This lack of understanding is derived from a systematic denial by the Globalists and Politicians that the New World Order even exists at all.

When the term New World Order first came into vogue in the wake of the Gulf War, but especially following the collapse of the Soviet Union, it evoked the promise of an exciting, higher plateau of international relations, including:

  • International security, particularly between East and West, no longer based on the concept of Mutual Assured Destruction (and other equally MAD theories of deterrence) but guaranteed by the reality of a unipolar world, led by the West.
  • Freedom to travel and migrate for people confined for decades (or entire lifetimes) behind the “Iron Curtain”.
  • Opportunity for the enslaved communist economies of Central and Eastern Europe to serve primarily indigenous needs on the basis of market principles, rather than support the economy of the USSR, as required for decades by the Council on Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA).
  • Transformation of the economies of Russia and the other former Soviet republics into market based ones.

  • The chance for Central and Eastern Europeans and former Soviet citizens to enjoy material advantages previously denied.
  • Freedom for Third World Governments from having to choose sides in the overriding bipolar political / military struggle that had dominated global relations for 45 years.
  • Optimism among Third World leaders who thought that perhaps they could now devote more energy to improving the living standards of their own citizens (the pessimists feared the opposite, now that their UN votes counted for little).
  • The assumption that inevitable regional disputes could be settled quickly on the basis of coordinated international action, possibly on the Gulf War Coalition model.
  • A new scope for collective security by the West with co-operation from much of the Arab World.

Reality of the New World Order in 2012

This view of the New World Order was a rosy one. However, It underestimated and neglected a number of vital factors. The reality of today paints a different picture.

The bipolarity of the geo-political world (one that is forced to accept blame for international tension, even while it provided the longest continuous period of peace Europe had known in the 20th Century) was succeeded not by an orderly unipolar world but by a disorderly multipolar one.

On the positive side:

This multi-polarity has, at least, reduced the relative weight of internationalsecurity and military alliances as the currency of international relations and supplanted them with economic and commercial competition that is headed by the Globalists.

The relaxation of international tension has also permitted co-operation and diplomatic breakthrough in areas of Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Southern Africa, probably not otherwise possible.

Throughout much of the world, the demise of Communism led to a greater acceptance of Western values relating to good government, free press and civil rights.

On the other hand:

  • Regional and even local problems are tending to become more thoroughly and more quickly globalized, just as global institutions are increasingly paralysed in their attempts to deal with them. The tragic events of Rwanda were one example of how the world took it upon its self to take the blame for the conflict.
  • We face new and destabilizing non-traditional threats to world order, some a byproduct of augmented economic and commercial competition. e.g; environmental degradation, increased economic migration, rising international organized criminal activity, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
  • In Europe and the Middle East, the most immediate and sharply felt threat is that of ethnic conflict and civil war resulting from the release of nationalist and irredentist forces thought to have been excised from the European psyche in 1945. When one contemplates for a moment the carnage in Gorazde, in Mostar and in Sarajevo, how wrong we were!
  • The suppression of ethnicity and nationalism, the centuries-old twin scourges of Europe and the Middle East which, twice in the last 80 years blighted the continents and beyond, turns out to have been only temporary, necessitated by the overriding strategic demands of the Cold War.

Is the New World Order the Old World Disorder?

As is painfully evident in the former Yugoslavia and elsewhere, the forces of nationalism, ethnicity, racism and religious extremism are unbound and unbounded in ways that only the most cynical among us would have predicted possible.

Add to the stark communal violence from pressures of economic restructuring which affects all but the most entrepreneurial or corrupt during the painful but necessary transition from Communism to Capitalism, and the resulting sum is a glaring picture of instability that potentially threatens the security of the entire world.

It is now clear that the end of the Cold War (and the advent of the New World Order) does not mean the end of instability or threat.

What it does is allow for open conflict in regions where formerly such conflict would have been, at best, unthinkable or, at worst, successfully held in check.

How the New World Order in 2012 is Changing?

In this new climate of uncertainty, the very definition of national security has been broadened to include not only protection of traditional political and military targets, but also concern for the illicit transfer of leading-edge technology, the safeguarding of the environment and the containment, through international multilateral means, of regional and ethnic conflict, including euphemistic “civil” wars (a subject largely ignored in the past by the international community).

This approach strongly implies two phenomena: (1) interdependence and the (2) strengthening of international coordinating organizations, specifically the Globalist United Nations.

In response to these requirements of the New World Order, it appears the world is taking the following steps:

1. The world has broadened its concept of national security to include the notion of Co-operative Security. This does not mean it has neglected the narrower concept of military security. It simply recognize that in today’s world the attainment of security includes elements other than the traditional one, e.g.

  • The encouragement of integration among regional economies.
  • The granting of economic assistance over military assistance.
  • Help in the establishment of government.

2. The Globalist Elite are attempting to shift the emphasis away from “collective defence” to “collective security”. They are doing this because the mindset of countries who collaborate to defend themselves (mob mentality) usually do so in order to leverage off other countries’ military expertise.

This presents a problem to the Globalists because the collective defence mentality is not primarily driven by fear like the collective security mentality. Therefore, the Globalists are in a better position when countries collaborate (break down their borders and governance via collective security) because this mindset is a self-perpetuating fear that can never be undone (i.e. Once countries collaborate due to collective security, that cooperation is nearly impossible to undo and will eventually morph into a union / world government)

What can we do about the New World Order in 2012?

It is, to an extent, in the hands of each of us; in the intelligence and tolerance with which we approach the truly difficult injustices in contemporary international relations and in the will we bring to bear to correct such inequities.

The New World Order has arrived and needs to be presented for what it is.

The global community of individuals, free from defined roles established by the State, needs to come together tosystematically remove the Globalists within our political and social circles who are intentionally planting the seeds of world governments and the New World Order.

At the moment, the only way we can stop the New World Order is via the following:

  • A systematic campaign that encompasses all types of media to present to the global community what the New World Order is all about and who are the Globalists perpetuating the New World Order ideology.
  • An organised collective that encompasses a core group of anti-Globalists who can encourage a consistent and systematic fight against the Globalists via organised means.
  • Dismantle all government-backed Globalist institutions such as the United Nations and the Council of Foreign Relations so that advocates of the New World Order don’t have an official platform to push their agenda to the unsuspecting public.
  • Take a systematic approach to document and record other lesser-known Globalist institutions such as the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and the Club of Rome. To the established anti-Globalist movement, these three institutions are well-known. However, to ordinary people, these institutions are still either unknown or considered conspiracy theory.
  • Stop the disinformation that is rife throughout most education systems about the banking system, economics and how political systems function. If there is a means to provide students guidance about the truth of how our banks, the political system and how our economy functions, at least they will be given an opportunity to hear the truth before being taught the lies of the Globalists and those who were seeking a New World Order.
  • Hold the corporate media accountable when it reports on the issues, stories andnews items that are specific to the Globalists and the Globalist Agenda. The fact of the matter is that 90% of ordinary people receive their news and information directly from the corporate media. The alternative media in its current capacity must continue to grow in numbers to attain a position that will influence the masses.

Final Remarks

At the moment, the Globalists have taken a significant steps backward in their objective to achieve a New World Order and World Government. This was only achieved by the efforts of the alternative media and anti-Globalist movement.

However, due to the size and nature of the Globalists, the struggle of anti-Globalists will continue for many years to come. We need to strengthen our resolve at an order of magnitude greater than they already have done if we are to bring about a more peaceful and just world.

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2 Responses to "The New World Order in 2012 and How We Can Defeat It"

  1. Marcelo Gutemberg  June 23, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    Good job on writting that piece on NWO. I have an opinion that is pretty similar to yours when it comes to hidden truths and agendas to unify and control the world. The main difference I feel though is the fact that all of this is spiritually driven. I am certain that from the beggining of times it had all been planned to happen as it is. Satan has been allowed to unify governments and their respective leaders just so as to drive masses into loving one leader which shall rise in a time when people will be so deluded with their own local leaders that they will embrace hill as one embraces his own father. And He shall make Jerusalem his governing headquarters and he will make himself out to be a god as he will rule the whole world… But for a very brief moment. Ever watch LEFT BEHIND. You should.

  2. Loic  June 30, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Well written article! True activist needs more of those : informative,rather objective, grounded and pragmatic. Agree with the position up to some extent, but not sure as to where you are headed? Is the goal really to put any kind of global coordination and cooperation (do not read corporation!) an end? Take out the UN? To me that approach sounds like going backwards. The UN might be partly corrupt and inefficient, definitely far from perfect; but I wouldn’t want to imagine a world without it. Want it or not it is today THE ONLY significant organization defending human rights worldwide. If you are somewhat sensitive to the emerging science recognizing planet earth as one big living organism, complexly interconnected, then try for a moment to imagine what your body would be if it weren’t working in its totality towards the same goal of keeping itself alive in the best possible way? Your lung alone is useless, your heart too, your skin, liver, brain… whatever you look at only makes sense because it is carefully connected to all other parts and through a highly complex coordination that makes life itself possible. Today the world organism seems to be so busy fighting between its individual organs that it is actually surprising it is still alive…We yet have an awful lot to learn from nature..
    Do not get me wrong, I am in no way advocating a worldwide dictatorship: economic as it already is, military as it might one day become; I am as frightened of that possibility as you probably are or should be. I do believe however, that the only way to tackle world poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation is by collectively working towards this goal. Isolation is not the solution, on the contrary, it will lead to disaster extremely fast. Again, Planet earth does not think, nor feel, in terms of borders. As always, it is our choice to use our choice to use global interconnectedness either to build the nuclear bomb or a reactor powering the homes of entire cities(neglecting for the analogy the nuclear waste produced)…


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