The Most Important Insect On The Planet – The Bee – Is On The Verge Of Extinction, Which Will End Humanity As Well


Bees have officially been added to the list of endangered species close to extinction in the very near future if humans don’t do anything about saving these most beneficial insects.

The loss of bees on this earth will be a disaster for mankind because they are irreplaceable insects. The relation that bees have to all flowering plants is the most interdependent, cooperative, harmonious and important things on the planet. This relationship has lasted for over 100 million years, which led to the creation of all the diverse species we have in nature. Having all these readily available species have also promoted the human species through food and nutrients.

There are over 20,000 species of bees on this earth, and surprisingly, most of them do not live in hives. 75% of the food that produce seed and fruits that are consumed are partly done by pollination, with the bees’ help. 87 of crops worldwide are wholly created by pollination. These crops feed thousand of animals and birds.


The endangerment and rapid decline of the bee population will greatly affect major crops that people consume regularly such as coffee, tomatoes, almonds, apples and cocoa, which are based on the reports from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

There will also be a complete disappearance of the healthiest sweetener which humans use – honey. Back in 2009 alone, honey-producing countries were exporting a total of $2.4 billion.

Relying on an artificial process to pollinate food crops is close to impossible, therefore scientists haven’t even found a substitute to the incredibly important job of the bees and their pollination.


The world’s need to sustain the existing population is the downfall of the bee species. Cleaning out farmlands and forests for more urbanized areas and the increased use of pesticides are two of the main reasons of this species’ near extinction because the wild and domestic bee population are losing their homes.

Using natural alternatives instead of the toxic-filled pesticides is an absolute necessity to save the bees. Farmers must be aware that the wildlife habitats of these insects must be preserved. The restoration of ecological friendly practices should also be encouraged so we do not use the world’s most important insect on earth.


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