The Last Words Of Aaron Russo: “Americans, Tell The Government You’re Mad As Hell”

The late activist who claimed he had evidence 9/11 was an inside job had this to say just before he died...

“Americans, mobilize. Stand together, stand tall. Don’t co-operate. Say no to national I.D cards. Get mad as hell.” These were the final worlds of film-maker and activist Aaron Russo, who died after a six-year battle with bladder cancer on August 24, 2007.

Russo is famous for his (must-see) documentary America: From Freedom To Fascism, and also for his shocking claims that friend Nick Rockefeller revealed secret plans for 9/11 and a subsequent, endless war on terror almost a year before the twin towers were attacked.

Russo was a libertarian, and believed strongly in the American constitution. This final message to humanity, and in particular to American citizens, was filmed shortly before he passed away- but in light of government plans to introduce micro-chipping and the ongoing problem of the militarization of police in the States, his words are more relevant than ever.

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