The Internet saved this little snake.

This little guy was stuck in a glue trap but was rescued by someone getting instructions from Google.

1 - Snake in Glue

He’s stuck in there pretty good – Thought he was a lost cause.

2 - My wife doesn039t give up

She got some tools from the garage and cut the box and was attempting to cut the little fellow out.

3 - Spatula amp Vegetable Oil

After a quick google search, the internet told her to douse the snake and trap in vegetable oil and use a plastic spatula to pry him free.

4 - Making Progress

Very important to free him starting with his tail.

5 - Closer

Almost there.


7 - The wife working the spatula while I stood far away 8 - He039s coming right for us 9 - Climbing a tree

This little guy wasn’t phased…he took off in the grass and up a tree.

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