The EO Smart Connecting Car 2 Lets You Drive And Park Effortlessly

It looks like solving motorists' problems is the current trend for these prototype vehicles.

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After reading about how the Chinese aims to have a Transit Elevated Bus to free up the streets with an environment-friendly alternative to move in the city, it seems the Germans too have an answer of their own when it comes to alleviating the problematic daily commute.

Spawned by nine engineers at the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, the EO Smart Connecting Car 2 is being positioned as the solution for people’s problems in driving through densely-populated areas with its miniscule size while at the same time, letting them enjoy the luxury of always having enough parking spaces with the way that the concept car contracts.

First introduced in 2012, the German team has improved on their prototype from four years ago with a second iteration of their first concept car that’s even better and more efficient. Now dubbed as the EO Smart Connecting Car 2, it is designed to give people an effortless driving experience with its features that aim to please everyone.

One of these is its ability to park sideways. Anyone who has problems in parallel parking would be happy to know that the EOscc2 can move like a crab. While it still drives like a traditional vehicle, the EOscc2 can move sideways with its wheels having their own respective motors that power them. According to the project’s manager Timo Birnschein, the concept car can just slide through tight spaces where parking is limited, adding that ”the whole process takes about four seconds.” And since it can also reduce its size to something as small as a bike, people won’t have to worry about looking for parking spots, ever.

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Another neat feature of the prototype is its capability to connect with other Connecting Cars, letting them drive through traffic as a train of connected smart cars without needing any input from the actual drivers. This redefines what car-sharing services mean, allowing people to catch a ride comfortably.

Aside from the fact that the EOscc2 is already smaller in comparison to regular vehicles, the fact that it can still reduce its size and move sideways with the ability to connect with other Connecting Cars is something to be excited about if the prototype manages to finally make its way to our streets. According to Birnschein, their second version of the design is much more reliable than their first iteration. It’s also more feasible to be on actual roads, living up to its billing as a ”micro car for a mega city.”

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