The Ebola Epidemic: Infographic

Lately, World Health Organization declared the West African Ebola outbreak an international health emergency, as one of the world’s deadliest diseases.

The Ebola virus is currently sweeping Africa, which is experiencing its worst outbreak ever.Ebola outbreak is a wake-up call to governments everywhere to look for the international health system problems!

Symptoms can be horrific, and it has a case fatality rate of up to 90%, making it a nightmare for health officials.

As of Aug. 6, 1,779 cases of Ebola had been reported to the WHO, including 961 deaths. Of the four countries affected, Sierra Leone (with 717 cases) has suffered the worst. The country’s first reported Ebola deaths were in April this year. In approximately four months, Sierra Leone suffered a total of 298 deaths. More are surely to come.

The Sierra Leone government, desperate to contain an epidemic, has effectively cordoned off this part of the country, deploying troops and setting up roadblocks in the hardest-hit areas. Two districts here in the east — an area with about one million people — were put under quarantine by the government late last week, shutting down much of the traffic on the muddy road cutting through the Ebola zone, according to NY Times.

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