The Daily Show Questions What We Know About Ourselves And Africa

How much of this information would you have known? I'm guessing not too much.

Trevor Noah and John Stewart challenge our perceptions in this humorous and thought provoking interview on the Daily Show. Just after a minute in, Noah gives us the first of several surprising revelations about the way America and Africa are perceived from both sides. The first is about Ebola and turns our views right on their head.

They go on to play a game they call ‘spot the Africa’ at 2.20 in which John has to guess which of each pair of photographs is Africa and which is America, it’s harder than you think. Just how many of our perceptions of our own countries compared with the rest of the world, are based solely on what the mainstream media offer us, and how many are factually correct? This video gives us a little insight into just how often we might be wrong, and by how much.

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