The Campaign To Elect Evan McMullin: Is the CIA Interfering In The US Election?

Evan McMullin worked as a CIA Operative for 11 years where he specialized in “penetrating governments.” Is his presidential candidacy for real or just another psyop?


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Usually, when people decide to run for President of the United States, they do so years in advance, giving them as much time as possible to make their case to voters before the election. Yet, in this election – one of the most bizarre and disturbing in US history – some candidates announced their entrance into the race for the White House much, much later. Evan McMullin, who brands himself as a “true conservative” in stark contrast to Republican nominee Donald Trump, announced his candidacy just this past August, less than three months before the election was set to take place. Why would McMullin choose to enter the race at such a late date when his chances of winning or of even being recognized are slim to none?

Things start to make more sense if you take a look at McMullin’s background and how well connected he is to the “establishment.” McMullin worked in the CIA for 11 years, serving as a clandestine operative for the CIA in “all the war zones post-9/11 until 2010 and most of the other hostile environments.” His job during that time was to “penetrate insurgent and terrorist groups as well as foreign governments” and to recruit agents to pass information “to take these people off the battlefield – either capture or kill them.” McMullin’s campaign rhetoric is also extremely anti-Putin and anti-Assad, and might as well have come from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Furthermore, McMullin has not just worked for the CIA. Prior to working with US intelligence, McMullin worked for Goldman Sachs for a number of years. Perhaps that explains how McMullin raised over $1 million since he announced his candidacy in August. In an election where being anti-establishment easily wins votes, it certainly seems strange that someone so well-connected is hoping to be this year’s “dark horse” candidate. Clearly, more is going on behind the scenes.

Mitt Romney seems to be a major player here. McMullin, like Romney, is a Mormon from Utah that is well-connected to the establishment. Both have expressed a strong desire to stop Donald Trump from winning their home state. Also interesting is the fact that McMullin’s campaign has been largely financed by the non-profit “Better for America” funded by GOP operatives John Kingston and Joel Searby. Kingston is a former GOP delegate from Massachusetts and long-time donor to Mitt Romney, who was once the state’s governor. Kingston was also the executive producer for the 2014 documentary about Romney titled “Mitt.” In addition, McMullin’s running mate is Mindy Finn, who worked in the Bush administration as well as for Twitter and Google. She also worked on Romney’s failed 2012 presidential bid.

Also very telling is Better of America’s claim that there are no other third party candidates other than McMullin: “If a third party candidate emerges, they need to know the support they have on the ground among the nearly two-thirds of Americans who said they are willing to support an independent candidate.” This indicates an attempt to manipulate the electoral conversation by willfully ignoring Gary Johnson and Jill Stein’s campaigns. McMullin has also stated repeatedly on his appearance on TV news that a Clinton victory is already decided and that any votes for him would go towards creating a “new” conservative movement under his banner. This has led some to argue that his candidacy is working to throw Utah’s electoral votes to Clinton, robbing Trump of a traditionally “red” state. Given McMullin’s past “penetrating foreign governments” and the CIA’s long-standing history of manipulating elections in other nations, could McMullin’s well-connected yet incredibly late candidacy exist solely for the singular purpose of improving Clinton’s odds? She is, after all, the CIA’s “chosen” candidate.

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