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The Beginning Of The End For Zoos? Orangutan Wins Rights And Freedom In Landmark Case

This ruling sets a precedent for all future cases, and could mean the end of captivity

An orangutan named Sandra has been granted the status of ‘non-human person’ in a landmark case that could potentially spell the end for keeping wild animals in captivity.

Sandra has lived in a zoo in Buenos Aires for the past 20 years, and animal rights activists have been campaigning to free her. They argue that Sandra’s intelligence mean she is not a ‘thing’, but rather a ‘person’.

For the first time ever, an Argentine court has agreed, giving Sandra basic human rights and ruling she should not be held in captivity. Experts say this could open the floodgates to thousands of other cases, and sets an important precedent for the future. This is a fantastic day for all of us who care about animal rights!

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