The Average White Family Still Makes $25,000 More Than The Typical Black One

According to data from the Current Population Survey, the income gap between black and white families hasn't budged in three years.



As has been highlighted in recent years by mainstream media and campaigns seeking to dissolve the income gap between black-colored and white-colored families, those of African-American descent are more likely to live in poverty in the United States.

As The Washington Post shares, the “economic status and race have long been intertwined in the United States, to the point where it’ shard to talk about one without considering the other.”

According to new poverty and income data from the Current Population Survey, part of a major annual release by the Census Bureau on Wednesday, the diverse income gap between black and white families America remains.

The federal data relays that median household incomes on a national level haven’t budged in three years. That means there has been little to no progress on the narrowing racial income gaps.


Shared The Washington Post: 

“In fact, the gap between blacks and whites is just a little bit wider today (by about $2,000 in 2014 dollars) than it was in 1973.

Racial gaps in the poverty rate have narrowed over this same time, but the Great Recession has reversed some major gains from the 1990s. As of 2014, one in 10 whites was living below the poverty line. The same was true of more than one in four blacks.” 


Poverty for both ethnicities is very different. In another article by the same source, it is shared that poor African Americans experience a more isolating and concentrated existence. Poverty for those who are of African American descent “extends out the door of a family’s home and occupies the entire neighborhood around it, touching the streets, the schools, the grocery stores.”

This is likely also a reason colored families experience more diseases of affluence, often linked with little income to spare for healthier groceries.

The gap of inequality needs to be bridged, but it is not – and will likely never be – an easy problem to remedy.

Acknowledgement and awareness of this issue are the first steps, so share this article and comment your thoughts below. 

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