Texas Businessman Offers Mansions To House Tornado Victims, Charges $1 Rent Per Month

This Texas millionaire opened up his mansions to house some displaced families, in the hope that the luxurious sanctuary will “lift the spirits” of those who have lost so much.

Credit: DailyMail

Credit: DailyMail

In the wake of a tragedy, rarely is there enough emotional strength to consider how to move forward. That’s why charity of any kind is extremely important.

Well, thanks to the kindness of a Texas businessman, some families affected by the tornado disasters in Texas will be receiving some big aid as they collect the pieces of their previous life and start anew.

KDAF News reports that Ron Sturgeon, a businessman and Texas millionaire, is opening two mansions as temporary housing for families who lost their homes in the state’s recent storms. The payment for rent? Just $1/month.

The unlikely hero, who is a property investor and owns RDS Real Estate, was inspired to help when he learned about the storms last month. Knowing he had real estate that could serve as a temporary sanctuary for a couple of families, he took action.

While his company usually focuses on commercial real estate, Sturgeon owns two million dollar mansions (purchased as investments) that are currently up for sale.

Said Sturgeon:

“I was just thinking about having those two big homes. It doesn’t make sense for them to be vacant when somebody could be using them that obviously would have a great need.”

He said the idea to offer them as housing for displaced families “just overtook me.”

Already, seventy people have applied, though his properties are a two-hour commute from the communities that were struck.

No matter, he’s prepared to let one family live in each mansion for up to three months. If the mansions haven’t found a buyer by then, he’s open to extending that invitation.



He hopes that amenities, such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and personal theaters will “lift the spirits” of families who lost so much.

For someone who doesn’t have to do anything to help out, this is a kind gesture that deserves some recognition and thanks.

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