Tesla Exposes Top Gear For Lying About Electric Car “Not Working”!

The time is right for electric cars so why put Tesla in a bad light?

Tesla filed a lawsuit to stop Top Gear’s continued rebroadcasts of an episode containing malicious falsehoods about the Tesla Roadster. Top Gear’s Executive Producer, Andy Wilman, has drafted a blog to present their side of the story. However, their side of the story confounded rather than enlighten.

Apparently Top Gar wrote the script before even filming the testing of the Tesla Roadster.  The script in question stated “in the real world, it absolutely doesn’t work” was lying around on set while Top Gear was allegedly “testing” the Roadsters. It seems actual test results don’t matter when the verdict has already been given — even if it means staging tests to meet those predetermined conclusions.

How can a TV show with such a big following write a script before even doing the actual tests?  The onboard computer on the roadster showed that the cars never ran out of power.

Top Gear stated that when they said it “it doesn’t work”, it had nothing to do with how the Tesla performed, they “meant that it was too expensive”.  Surely they could have come to that conclusion without staging misleading scenes that made the car look like it didn’t work.

What is your view on this matter, why did they try to put Tesla in a bad light?

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