Terminally Ill 5-Year-Old Marries Best Friend In ‘Dream Wedding’

Because Eileidh doesn't have long to live, her friends, family members, and best friend helped her cross "dream wedding" off her bucket list.

Every little girl’s dream is to grow up, pursue their passion and, if possible, fall in love. Unfortunately, 5-year-old Eiledih Paterson may never get that chance. This is because the young girl was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in May 2014 and was informed by doctors that she wouldn’t survive long.

After learning that she has little time left on this Earth, Eiledih began putting together a bucket list. One of her top priorities included marrying her 6-year-old best friend, Harrison. So, that’s exactly what friends, family members, and — of course — Harrison made happen. 

GoodNewsNetwork reports the two Scottish buddies were excited about the opportunity to “get married.” Together, they decided on a fairytale wedding complete with royal decorations and superhero costumes. Before witnesses, Eiledih and he beau exchanged necklaces. Then, Eiledih’s sister read a poem about love. Once the ceremony ended, the crowd began dancing.

Harrison’s father, Billy Grier, told Metro:

“Harrison had never been to a wedding before, so this was all new to him. But it was a beautiful ceremony and he enjoyed every minute. He was quite excited to do it. Ever since he met Eileidh, they have been inseparable.”

If you’re interested in following Eileidh’s bucket list adventures, visit her Facebook page and crowdfunding campaign.

Watch the adorable ceremony below:

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