Terence McKenna On Humanity, History and The Bigger Picture

McKenna says maybe there´s a divine plan to our existence - we just don´t know what it is yet

In this short video, the late great psychedelic researcher, philosopher and author Terence McKenna talks about how history and humanity serve a purpose, even if we don´t know what it is yet. Although it´s often easy to despair that human beings are a destructive, out-of-control species, McKenna´s words of wisdom offer hope that there is a higher purpose to the chaos we are currently experiencing.

“We are energy storage and release mechanisms, sanctioned by nature for some purpose which will be visible somewhere downstream in the flow of time but which is opaque to us now,” he says.

“I´ve spent a long time thinking about something good that can be said about us that would redeem the sins we´ve visited on the planet,” McKenna goes on. He concludes that the history of humanity “must have a happy ending or it would never be allowed to happen in the first place.”

McKenna had a knack for making complex arguments very simple and entertaining, and these feel-good quotes-  along with beautiful footage- will inspire you to feel calm and safe in the knowledge that there is a bigger picture to our existence-  we don´t know what it is yet.

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