Teenager Overcomes Terminal Brain Cancer with Raw Food Diet

Image Credit / fruit-powered.com

Image Credit / fruit-powered.com

By Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

Objectively speaking, when an alternative treatment works for one individual, there is reason and right to share the positive transformation in hope it may illuminate methods of natural treatment for others. For one teenager, Megan Sherow, it was the less known treatment of ‘food as diet’ that she claims helped save her life.

Just three years ago, then 13-year-old Megan was facing a terminal cancer diagnosis. Stage 3 brain cancer was a serious affliction, and to the dismay of Shaw and her family, was told she needed to undergo an aggressive treatment of radiation and chemotherapy or she would die.

Even after many painful and long sessions following the allopathic route, the doctors were not at all optimistic. They told her she’d also need to undergo brain surgery.

Treating cancer the allopathic route is the only method most are aware of; holistic alternatives contrast by focusing on treating the cause and aiding the body in healing itself . Western medicine may offer great emergency medicine, but because it’s an industry that profits from sickness, it continues to miss the mark of mind, body, and spirit healing. Understanding that the body in it’s blalanced state can heal itself is a belief and focus of Oriental medicine, food therapy, energy healing, and other alternative modalities.

After two brain surgeries and no alleviation of the cancer, Megan decided she wanted to go the alternative route. Research fortunately led her to discover the raw food diet, a lifestyle where one consumes only un-cooked (raw) fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted legumes and grains, and seaweeds. Other stories of individuals’ healing by sticking to a rigid diet of raw plant foods gave her inspiration to follow as well.

With no other lifeline, the route of no pills, no chemotherapy, and no deadly brain surgeries definitely held appeal. Fast forward one and a half years later, Megan’s cancer was in remission and she exclaimed to ‘feeling more energetic than ever before’.

In the present, 17-year-young Megan is bursting with energy, attending college, is involved in several theatre productions, is writing her first novel, and has more energy to pursue her love of photography and outdoor activities. She claims to owe her success in beating terminal Stage 3 Brain Cancer by returning to nature, eating highly nutritious, hydrating, and healing fruits and vegetables.

The raw food lifestyle has popped up recently as a fad diet to shed excess weight, clear skin, gain more energy, and more, but in its essence, it’s the focus of returning to natural living that is the main factor which allows individuals to create radiant health. Restaurants, live-food nutritionists and doctors, meet ups, books, documentaries, and more all extenuate on the ranging benefits one can achieve by consuming more un-cooked, plant-based foods. If you are interested in understanding more about how you can transition into a live-foods, plant-based healing diet, seek a qualified profession in the field, pick up recommended books on the subject, and learn how by alkalizing, hydrating, and supporting the body’s natural process of regeneration, healing alternatively is possible – expensive pills, stomach staplings, and stress free!


Megan Sherow Heals from Cancer Naturally

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