Teen Uses $25K Bar Mitzvah Money To Donate 800 Pairs Of Nike Shoes

Rather than keep the money for himself, this inspiring 13-year-old used all $25k to assist those who could use a helping hand.


Credit: KTRK Houston.

$25,000 is a lot of money, especially considering the average American has less than $1,000 in their bank account in case of an emergency. Regardless, what’s most impressive is that a young man named Drew Frank recognized this and used the money to help others, rather than himself.

KTRK Houston reports that the 13-year-old asked for cash donations instead of gifts for his Bar Mitzvah. In total, he received about $25,000 – enough to purchase a snazzy car and more. But Frank didn’t use the money to improve his own life. Rather, he donated it to charity.

Because he partnered with the Braden Aboud Foundation, Frank was able to gift 800 high-quality Nike sneakers and 800 pairs of socks to a children at a local elementary school. Most of the kids who received the shoes live in low-income neighborhoods. The rest of the funds were donated to a local orphanage and a YWCA, a transitional living center for women and children.

“The smiles on their faces were amazing when I gave them out,” he recalled.

It’s easy to look down on younger generations due to their seeming self-obsession which is portrayed by the media, but there are many kind-hearted youngsters doing what they can to make the world a better place. Drew Frank is one of them.

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