Teen Brings Disabled Dad To College, Cares For Him In Between Studies

When Zhao Delong was young, he contracted polio and was completely dependent on his dad. Now recovered, he is paying it forward by looking after his disabled parent even while he attends college.

Credit: CEN

Credit: CEN

When Zhao Delong was a little boy, he contracted a polio infection that left him unable to walk. He was completely dependent upon his father who became a full-time caretaker to him.

After years of treatment, Zhao eventually recovered and was back on his feet. But shortly after, his father?s health declined.

The elderly man had developed an unidentified illness?and was left paralyzed. Now, it seemed it was Zhao?s time to return the favor and care for his father.

Instead of sacrificing his college plans, Zhao decided to bring his father with him. The Daily Mail reports that he moved his dad into the dormitory room at the university at Luoyang and spends his time in between classes caring for his paralyzed parent.?

Credit: CEN

Credit: CEN

Such dedication fueled by love is rarely witnessed in this world.

Zhao told People?s Daily Online:

?In the past my dad took me to the doctors, now my dad is ill, I can’t leave him behind.?

In addition to college studies, Zhao cooks his dad?s meals, helps with physical therapy, and even shaves his face. To make money, Zhao also works part-time.

Credit: CEN

Credit: CEN

Zhao may just be starting his college career, but his ability to manage multiple responsibilities while?staying true to his integrity will take him far in life.

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