Tattoo Artist Designs Hyper-Realistic Fingernails On An Amputee And You Wouldn’t Even Notice That It Was A Work Of Art!


Throughout the years, there have been many tattoos that were created around scars, birth defects and surgical amputations. Numerous times, tattoo artists are asked to create something original and most likely humorous designs that would fit exactly in the unique shape of a certain body part. Surgical scars are often converted to fishbones or flower stems to incorporate it into something memorable and original. However, in some cases, an artist can tattoo something so original that it actually tricks the human eye. 


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Meet Eric Catalano, a known tattoo artist from Chicago who works in Illinois’ Eternal Ink. His latest tattoo design has recently caught the attention of the international media circuit and went viral for a tattoo he did on someone’s fingers. The client’s index and middle finger were both amputated from an air-conditioning accident, which left him without two fingernails. Thanks to this artistic genius, Catalano was able to makeover his fingers by tattooing very realistic looking nails, which obviously took the social media sites by storm. 

Known for creating nipple and areola reconstruction tattoos for hundreds of breast cancer survivors, Catalano is no stranger to realism, hyper realism and body construction art. While this was his first time in creating realistic fingernails, his technical application and talent will just continue improving. He doesn’t charge any of his customers for creating life-changing tattoos, but instead he has set up a GoFundMe to pay for these. 

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Catalano is now developing ‘NiPro’ – which is a nipple/areola implant that provides an alternative option to breast cancer survivors in order to create a realistic three-dimensional nipple. The options that women have after breast cancer are horrifying for how far modern medicine has come.

What are your thoughts on the realistic fingernail tattoo? Would you have noticed that it was actually a work of art, and not the real thing? 


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