Take Back Control Of Your Facebook News Feed In Minutes!


Facebook has introduced a way for users to view posts from friends and pages they actually want to hear from by creating a more personalized news feed. If you’ve been following us but do not see our posts in your news feed, this is a great way to ensure that you will see our posts in the future.

Please note this will not interfere with how you see your news other than showing your friends and pages you selected first in your feed.

This is how easy it is:


On an iPhone, or any other Apple device, you can go to More in the bottom right corner of the Facebook app screen >> and then Settings >> then News Feed Preferences.


Here you will find different options, but the most popular one will likely be Prioritize who to see first. Clicking this opens a list of friends and groups the user has previously selected. Clicking on one of them puts a star next to their name, and means the next time they post a story, Facebook will automatically take it to the top of the user’s news feed.


The option is located as a gear located to the left of the News Feed icon in the top left-hand corner of the page, or at the News Feed Preferences in the top right menu that opens up when you click on the downwards arrow in the top-right side of the page.

Both open the same screen – a summary of the people and websites that have provided the most stories to the user’s news feed over the past week. Next to their names is a rectangular bar that says “Following.” By pointing your cursor at it, a user can choose to “See First” any stories that are posted by this friend or page.



It is not possible to change all of the priority settings from one place. However, you can individually click on any page that they want to see more of, and then press the ‘Following’ icon, under the name, and choose the ‘See First’ option.


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