Take A Tour Of The Most Beautiful Tiny Home You’ve Probably Ever Seen!

This precious woodland hideaway is idyllic and perfectly designed

This tiny house belongs to Vina Lustado, who has put a lot of thought into the design of her 140 square feet home. Costing $40,000 to build, it’s not the cheapest tiny home we’ve ever seen, but it could be the most beautiful. Set in idyllic woodland in California, the home is light and?deceptively spacious. It is south-facing for passive heating and cooling and is made from cedar wood, which is resistant to rot and?weather.

Despite being a tiny home, Vina claims the kitchen is the biggest she’s ever had. The stunning design of the lounge is also a great use of space, and at ten feet long, even Vina’s loft space for sleeping is bigger than you would ever imagine from such a small house. She wanted to watch the stars from her bed, installing skylights in the loft which give the room a cozy feel (and also act as a fire escape).

The home was built on a trailer bed, meaning it can be moved, and all the electricity comes from four batteries fed by three solar panels. The fireplace, stove and water heater are powered by a propane tank, and the only utility Vina pays for is water, which is fed to the house by a garden hose. Most of the features were reclaimed, and Vina made use of carpenter and artist friends to lend a hand in the construction. Her home has lots of storage and even enough space for an office and guest?accommodation.

Vina and her partner?use the outside deck for living and dining, which doubles their living space. She says she has never entertained as much as she does in her tiny home, and loves it so much she’s never leaving. “This is my forever home,” Vina says with a smile in the Houzz video above.

This wonderful woodland house is packed with clever design tips and tons of inspirational ideas for anyone out there thinking of building their own tiny dream home. Enjoy the video!

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