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Vets miraculously save life of lioness who got mauled by buffalo so that she can take care of her cubs

Vets miraculously save life of lioness who got mauled by buffalo so that she can take care of her cubs

Siena is a lioness who recently got severely mauled by a buffalo. As shown in the video below, she was fighting a buffalo when suddenly one of the buffalo decided to step in and save his friend. Warning:  Not for sensitive viewers.  The attack was so bad the buffalo almost ripped of her leg.  Luckily for […]

Just-released undercover investigation into Canadian egg hatchery

New hidden-camera video taken by a Mercy For Animals Canada investigator exposes horrific cruelty to baby chicks at a Maple Leaf chicken hatchery. Workers fling birds by their fragile wings, slam them into metal dividers, drown them in scalding hot industrial washing machines, and roughly cram chicks into a macerator machine to be ground up […]

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28 Awe Inspiring Photos That Prove Just How Cool Mother Nature Is

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves just how awesome Mother Nature is so here are 28 pictures that will do just that. Mother Nature never fails to impress as shown in all these images.   Exocoetidae (Flying Fish) Flying fish can make powerful, self-propelled leaps out of water into air, where their long, wing-like fins […]

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Would You Do What This Man Did and Save a Bear From Drowning?

By: Amanda Froelich, True Activist. They’re big, they’re hairy, and this one was over 375 pounds, but that didn’t stop Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Biologist, Adam Warwick, from diving in after a drowning black bear. After the large bear had been spotted in a residential area – most likely looking for food, it […]

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A Man Going For A Jog Found This Baby Bird. You Have To See Next 36 Days

Veterinarian ‘DachsUndDachshund‘ recently posted this amazing story to imgur about how out jogging one day he stumbled upon this tiny freshly hatched songbird that had fallen out of its nest. Unable to locate the nest so he could return the baby bird to it, he decided to take it home and hand raise it himself until it […]

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India Declares Dolphins “Non-Human Persons”

By: Jason Scott Hackman, dailykos.com. India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests has decided to forbid the keeping of captive dolphins for public entertainment anywhere in the country. In a policy statement released Friday, the ministry advised state governments to reject any proposal to establish a dolphinarium “by any person / persons, organizations, government agencies, private or […]

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Black Rhino hunt permit auctioned ´for conservation´

By: Sophie McAdam, True Activist. A Texas hunting club caused controversy this week after it auctioned off a permit to kill a Namibian black rhino for $350,000. Protesters gathered outside the Dallas safari club to show their opposition and organizers have even received death threats from animal rights activists, but the club defended its actions […]

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Everything you think you know about animals is wrong

By: Sophie McAdam, True Activist. Human beings are the most intelligent, and therefore important, of all the world´s species, right? We deserve our superior status over other animals because of the following scientific truths: that only humans are self-aware and feel empathy, that we are unique in our abilities to use language and tools, that […]

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