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Unauthorised autobiography of Julian Assange sells less than 700 copies

Despite copious publicity, the unauthorised autobiography of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, published Thursday, September 22, sold less than 700 copies that week, according to Nielsen BookScan. Assange’s autobiography, published by Canongate publishers despite his lack of consent, was subject to much media coverage. Yet Nielsen BookScan, the sales figures monitor, showed readers that week only […]

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Assange: Why WikiLeaks was right to release raw cables

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has defended the organisation’s release of all 251,000 secret US diplomatic cables that it held without the redaction of the names of informants mentioned in them. In an interview with New Scientist, Assange said the leak publishing outfit’s usual editorial “harm minimisation” procedures had become irrelevant after other websites published the […]

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WikiLeaks:Uttar Pradesh sent jet to collect shoes

According to United States diplomatic cables passed to WikiLeaks, Mayawati, Chief Minister of the India’s northern state Uttar Pradesh, made use of her private jet to have sandals collected from Mumbai. Mayawati, a member of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) – which claims to follow a Dalit Socialism ideology – self-identifies as a Dalit. The […]

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Wikileaks crashes under cyber attack

Wikileaks today announced via twitter that its website has crashed under an apparent cyber-attack; this following the recent release of tens of thousands of US State Department cables. Sources in the US say the mass-disclosure of cables is causing diplomatic setbacks, and embarrassment, for the administration of Barack Obama. These previously unreleased cables are said […]

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Former Wikileaks employee destroys unpublished leaked documents

A former Wikileaks employee has destroyed 3,500 unpublished leaks to Julian Assange’s site, and taken the site’s encrypted system to create a spinoff project. Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Assange’s former right-hand man, left Wikileaks last year after a disagreement between the pair; and, has now demolished files sent to the Wikileaks site such as- the US no-fly […]

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