Anti-War Protests Finally Return To The US

Anti-War Protests Finally Return To The US

This weekend, a number of anti-war protests took place in different US cities, in opposition of the various wars that are being waged across the world. These were some of the first major anti-war protests to take place in a number of years. The anti-war movement in the US was more or less killed by […]

Forgotten History: Must-Watch Interview Exposes Horrors Committed By Allied Forces During WW2

Seventy years ago this month, the Allied forces dropped thousands of bombs on the German city of Dresden. It’s an event that is usually glossed over or completely ignored when learning about World War II in history class, but this moving interview with a British survivor reminds us that the Allied forces committed gruesome atrocities too. Victor […]

UN Commissioner Says War On Terror Is “Laying Waste To Human Rights”

UN Commissioner Says War On Terror Is “Laying Waste To Human Rights”

U.N. Human rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein recently spoke out against the war on terror, calling it a threat to human rights worldwide. Last Thursday, he spoke at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C about the many problems that the US is causing with their wars all over the planet. “This logic is abundant […]

There´s No Glory In War

This family story, ´My Dad and Uncle were in World War One´, is a reminder that there is no glory in war. As English poet and author Heathcote Williams illustrates with his family history, war means death, destruction, misery, and pointless loss of life on both sides. The video is a reminder of Armistice Day´s original […]

100 Years Of Endless British Wars

This short Stop the War coalition video chronicles all the wars Britain has been involved in since the Great War in 1914, with original photographs. In the century that has passed since the so-called ‘war to end all wars’, Britain has been continuously at war somewhere in the world. Please share if you believe the best […]

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