They Get $1,000 For Good Behaviour And Must Hang Out With Their Gangland Rivals

Richmond in California has consistently ranked in the USA’s top ten cities for violent crime. Back in 2006, the city was desperate for a solution.  A new police chief was brought in to sort out the mess, but rather than the usual heavy-handed tactics, he decided to do something fresh, radical…and controversial. The new chief […]

21 Brutally Honest Posters Depicting Humanity’s Addiction To Technology

21 Brutally Honest Posters Depicting Humanity’s Addiction To Technology

From busy adults checking their email incessantly to young kids sending emojis and text messages non-stop, it’s become increasingly clear in recent years that populations with unlimited access to the net are becoming addicted to technology. To emphasize the need for society to acknowledge the invasion of tech addiction without even being aware it, Ph.D. […]

No More Trews: Activist-Comedian Russell Brand Says Goodbye To His Followers

If you are one of Russell Brand‘s many critics, you can celebrate the news that his YouTube Channel The Trews recently aired its final episode. For everyone else who enjoyed his rants against Fox News, global corporations and corrupt governments, it’s a sad time indeed. In this final episode of the show, aired last week, Brand explains […]

Terence McKenna And Alan Watts: We Are Anarchists

This video offers two perspectives on anarchism from Terence McKenna and Alan Watts, who both dedicated years of their lives to giving lectures on a wide range of topics including society, popular culture, government and spirituality. Watts was an English-born philosopher whose speeches were greatly influenced by Zen Buddhism and other Eastern schools of thought, […]

Awakening To The Truth: You’ve Felt It Your Entire Life

If you haven’t seen this short video by Collective Evolution (entitled You’ve felt it your entire life),  it’s well worth watching (and sharing). With Morpheus‘s message to Neo making a powerful voice-over, the video uses a montage of clips from films like The Matrix, Into the Wild and cult classic They Live to illustrate a few (difficult) truths […]

Jon Stewart’s Moving Words About The Charlestown Massacre: There Is Something Seriously Wrong With American Society

Jon Stewart last night made an emotional speech about racism and gun crime during The Daily Show, which is sure to be controversial. Staring at the camera with a solemn face, Stewart began by apologizing to the audience: “I have one job, and it’s a pretty easy job,” he said, explaining that all he has […]

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