Stunning Must-See: NASA Releases Biggest Photograph Of Galaxy Ever Taken

NASA recently released a 1.5 billion pixel image of our nearest galactic neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy, and the results are spectacular. The photographs, taken as 411 separate images by the Hubble telescope, were made into this awe-inspiring video clip by YouTuber daveachuk.  The Andromena galaxy contains over 100 million stars and spans more than 40,000 light […]

This Is Why Rich People Don’t Care About You

This intriguing video with UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner dispels many myths about the way humans are wired and explains the science behind empathy and kindness. Despite many of us believing in social Darwinism (the mistaken view that survival of the fittest translates into being naturally selfish; the most ruthless of us will achieve better success etc), […]

Cool Stuff: Scientists Just Discovered Earth Has A Spooky Protective Shield!

An invisible shield around Earth was discovered last week by scientists, one of whom said the strange “donut-like” rings which surround our planet 7,200 miles (11,600 km) above the Earth’s atmosphere are like something out of Star Trek. The shield is invisible and strong, and has been found blocking ‘killer electrons’ from bombarding our planet […]

This Sixth-Grader Improved an Invention Adults Have Been Using For Decades!

It was reported by ABC News that Peyton Robertson a sixth-grader won $25,000 for his innovative sandbag design that does not need sand.   His invention uses expanding salt which nothing was said about the environmental impact it could have.  We need more kids like this questioning our old outdated technologies.