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Spacecraft Propulsion Device Invented by 19-year Old Student

Spacecraft Propulsion Device Invented by 19-year Old Student

By: Amanda Froelich, True Activist. With passion to persevere and see a project succeed, anything is possible. This is certainly true for a young student in the Middle East.Aisha Mustafa, a 19-year old female student from the University of Sohag in Egypt, recently developed a new type of propulsion system for space crafts. Her newly […]

Bioengineers promise to 3D-print human hearts in a decade

Scientists in Kentucky predict that they’ll be able to use 3D printer technology to create a bioficial human heart in only ten years’ time. Dr. Stuart Williams is the director of the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, and he thinks his office is only a decade away from what could be one of […]

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The Higgs Field, explained

The Higgs Field, explained

One of the most significant scientific discoveries of the early 21st century is surely the Higgs boson, but the boson and the Higgs Field that allows for that magic particle are extremely difficult to grasp. Don Lincoln outlines an analogy (originally conceived by David Miller) that all of us can appreciate, starring a large dinner […]

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How Food Poisoning (E.Coli) Could be the Future Bio-fuel

By Amanda Froelich, True Activist. Newly sustainable solutions continue to be discovered at an encouraging rate; the latest, E.Coli, a contaminant many who have been poisoned by don’t easily forget, has potential to be utilized for beneficial means. Scientists believe the metabolic engineering to produce fuel from E.coli could eventually lead to its use as […]

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The Ballerina Brain Could Hold the Key to Curing Chronic Dizziness

By: Amanda Froelich, True Activist. Endless pirouettes and graceful leaps across a stage entrance, but when one attempts a spin just a few times in their own living room, dizziness ensues. What separates a ballerina’s brain from a typical individual? Scientists have gathered research that holds promising insight into how freedom from dizziness can also […]

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Is Outer Space the Sustainable Energy Solution?

By: Amanda Froelich, True Activist. Sources of sustainable energy continue to be pursued with little to no avail; while well-thought out strategies are presented with good intention, it seems there’s always a fatal flaw that is uncovered. Solar power, hydro-power, nuclear, and wind power have all been dragged through the mud to some extent; ‘traditional […]

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Ingenious 19-year-old Develops Plan to Clean up Oceans in 5 Years

By: Amanda Froelich, True Activist. With millions of tons of garbage dumped into the oceans annually and repeat incidence of oil spills like the Deepwater Horizon Disaster, it’s the Ocean which has taken the brunt of unsustainable methods from man. In effect, it’s estimated almost 100,000 marine animals are killed due to debris entanglement and […]

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16 year-old Invents Bio-plastic from Banana Peels

By: Amanda Froelich, True Activist. What comes to mind before you discard your banana peel? Certainly not the consideration of its use to reduce petroleum-based pollution and create bio-plastic, yet this is exactly what Elif Bilgin, 16, from Istanbul, Turkey, sought to achieve and successfully accomplished. Winner of the 2013 Science in Action award, Google’s […]

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