Obama Administration Pretends to be Shocked About Police Militarization

Obama Administration Pretends to be Shocked About Police Militarization

For years, the U.S government has been supplying local law enforcement agencies with military grade weapons, tanks and armored vehicles.  Alternative media sources have been covering this topic extensively, with routine articles and features showing how various police departments across the country are becoming militarized. These reports have been largely ignored by the general public, […]

The Army Gives Soldiers LSD For an Experiment… What Happens Next is Hilarious

As part of a 1963 military experiment, a crew of British soldiers were each given LSD while in the field.  This hilarious video will show you what the military soon figured out-  LSD isn’t conducive for violence or war. “Fifty minutes after taking the drug, radio communication had become difficult, if not impossible. But the men are still capable of sustained physical […]

He Saved 669 Children During The Holocaust… And He Doesn’t Know They’re Sitting Next To Him

Sir Nicholas Winton is a humanitarian who organized the rescue and passage to Britain of about 669 mostly Jewish Czechoslovakian children destined for the Nazi death camps before World War II in an operation known as the Czech Kindertransport. After the war, Nicholas Winton didn’t tell anyone, not even his wife Grete about his wartime […]

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