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Netherlands Closing 19 Prisons Due to Lack of Criminals

Netherlands Closing 19 Prisons Due to Lack of Criminals

In 2009, the Dutch justice ministry announced the planned closing of eight prisons in the Netherlands due to a declining crime rate which was expected to continue. In 2013, a staggering 19 prisons were scheduled to be closed. This is caused, in part, by a continued decline in crime rates. Additionally, those who are convicted […]

10 Scientific Studies Proving GMOs Can Be Harmful To Human Health

By: Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution. Over the past few years, a number of countries have completely banned GMOs and the pesticides that go along with them, and they are doing so for a reason. The latest country to consider a complete ban is Russia after top government scientists recommended at least a 10-year ban. The truth is, […]

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Give 2 Minutes to Understand How the Wealthy Keep the Poor Folks Poor

Humans have a tendency to over-complicate things; that’s where Robert Reich comes in. In the eyes of this economist and author who once served in the governments of Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, much of economic policy is just an ideological war on those without money, by those with money, who have dressed up […]

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Poland Announces Complete Ban on Monsanto’s GMO Corn

By: Anthony Gucciardi. Natural Society. Following the anti-Monsanto activism launched by nations like France and Hungary, Poland has announced that it will launch a complete ban on growing  Monsanto’s  genetically modified strain MON810. The announcement, made by Agriculture Minister Marek Sawicki, sets yet another international standard against Monsanto’s genetically modified creations. In addition to being linked to a […]

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Rand Paul Sues Obama Administration

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is suing the Obama Administration over the collection of phone metadata by the National Security Agency. Paul will join Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks, and lead counsel Ken Cuccinelli in a class action suit that will challenge the constitutionality of the NSA’s collection of time, numbers, and other information on American citizens telephone […]

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Uruguay’s president nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for legalizing marijuana

The president of Uruguay has been nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. According to his advocates, José “Pepe” Mujica’s much talked-about marijuana legalization is in fact “a tool for peace and understanding.” For the second year in a row, the Drugs Peace Institute, which has supported Mujica’s marijuana legalization drive since 2012, insisting that […]

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Violent protests, hired thugs and torture by the state…what´s going on in Ukraine?

By: Sophie McAdam, True Activist. This week four protesters died in Ukraine, the country at the center of a political tug-of-war between Russia and Europe. More have allegedly been tortured by the state during anti-government protests which are spinning dangerously out of control. Campaigners took to the streets in the capital Kiev in November, after […]

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The Next US States to Legalize Marijuana

By: Amanda Froelich, True Activist. Colorado and Washington made headlines in 2013 when laws were passed to legalize marijuana. And while the Midwestern state has already created a legal weed business, Washington is not expected to have the market for pot operational until June. In the midst of such historical change, many have wondered, “what […]

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