Monsanto Is Killing People in Argentina

People have been physically blocking all the access roads to a Monsanto construction site in the small town of Malvinas, Argentina, for over a year, protesting at the death and misery the corporation has brought to their community. Monsanto´s RoundUp spray (a harmful pesticide called glyphosate) has been sprayed on the fields surrounding this poor town of 15,000 for more […]

Hawaiian Fighter Takes On Monsanto

Dustin Barca is a Hawaiian professional surfer turned MMA fighter, who is now taking on a different kind of opponent: Big Agriculture. Barca is running for mayor of Kauai, a lush and fertile tropical island which is also home to some of the biggest agricultural and chemical companies in the world- including Syngenta, Dow, and Monsanto. Shocking […]

Corp Of Death: The Monsanto Suicides

This short video by WeAreChange interviews physicist, author and activist Dr Vandava Shiva about the plight of India´s farmers. Since 1995 over 291,000 of them have committed suicide as a direct result of Monsanto´s unjust and corrupt practices. Shiva explains how World Trade Organization rules give GMO producers the power to bully small-scale producers into buying their […]

Triumph For Farmers As Guatemala Kick Out The Most Insane Law Ever!

The highest court in Guatemala has suspended the controversial ‘Monsanto Law,’ which would make it illegal for small farmers in Guatemala to save seeds from one year to the next as they have for centuries. But although it´s a victory for anti-GMO campaigners, it´s unlikely that Monsanto have given up. Indigenous and peasant organizations marched in the […]

Monsanto VS Oregon & Colorado

Monsanto has spent millions fighting proposals to start labeling GMO products in Oregon and Colorado, the first two states to consider forcing corporations to give consumers a basic right to choose natural food. This interview with Sheldon Krimsky (editor of The GMO Deception) explores who stands to gain from this battle between common sense and big business. The myths surrounding the […]

Global March Against Monsanto: GMOs Poison Babies, Cause Cancer

Recently thousands of people took to the streets in over 50 countries to say no to GMOs. This short video from RT looks at the terrible reasons why so many people are angry-  and if you didn´t already know the dangers of franken-foods, these facts might shock you. GMOs cause allergies, digestive problems, childhood learning […]

Shock: Food Labeled `Natural´Is Actually GMO

A recent survey of food made from corn and soy found that virtually all of the products labeled ´natural´ were in fact made from GMO grains- including cereals, chips, and even baby formula. Unlike Europe, where there are strict laws governing use of terms like `natural´and `organic´, in the States labeling is pretty much useless- there […]