Monsanto VS Oregon & Colorado

Monsanto has spent millions fighting proposals to start labeling GMO products in Oregon and Colorado, the first two states to consider forcing corporations to give consumers a basic right to choose natural food. This interview with Sheldon Krimsky (editor of The GMO Deception) explores who stands to gain from this battle between common sense and big business. The myths surrounding the […]

Global March Against Monsanto: GMOs Poison Babies, Cause Cancer

Recently thousands of people took to the streets in over 50 countries to say no to GMOs. This short video from RT looks at the terrible reasons why so many people are angry-  and if you didn´t already know the dangers of franken-foods, these facts might shock you. GMOs cause allergies, digestive problems, childhood learning […]

Shock: Food Labeled `Natural´Is Actually GMO

A recent survey of food made from corn and soy found that virtually all of the products labeled ´natural´ were in fact made from GMO grains- including cereals, chips, and even baby formula. Unlike Europe, where there are strict laws governing use of terms like `natural´and `organic´, in the States labeling is pretty much useless- there […]

3 Ways Monsanto Threatens Our Planet (And What To Do About It)

3 Ways Monsanto Threatens Our Planet (And What To Do About It)

By:  Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society. Through rampant and unchecked genetic manipulation, multinational biotechnology juggernauts like Monsanto continue to churn out genetically modified creations that threaten the entire planet in a way that we have never before witnessed throughout history. Examining the role of genetic manipulation, even going beyond the affects on human health, it’s easy to […]