Weapon of Mass Instruction: Artist Creates Tank That Gives Away Free Books

Imagine walking down the street and being confronted by a massive war tank… fully loaded with a library full of books. It’s knowledge being given away in the most inventive way possible, and it’s all thanks to eccentric Brazilian artist, Raul Lemesoff. His mission?  To “battle ignorance and spread knowledge.” The “Weapon Of Mass Instruction” […]

Joe Rogan On Addiction, Video Games And The Joy Of Living In The Real World

Joe Rogan talks about addiction and the search for a meaningful life in another insightful excerpt from his radio show, The Joe Rogan Experience. The comedian-turned-philosopher examines our desire to escape reality through alcohol, drugs, gambling and video games, which he believes are a way of “distracting yourself from the pain of being human.” Rogan […]

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