Human Rights

Animal Rights Activists Steal Homeless Man’s Dog, Leaving Him In Tears

A shocking video showing French animal rights protesters forcibly removing the puppy of a homeless man has gone viral. The drama happened in Paris, where three activists approached a man, picked up his dog, and ran away with it. Both the dog and the man are clearly traumatized: the dog yelps and barks as it is snatched away, […]

Canada Keeps Arresting Pro-Refugee Campaigners (While Detaining More Refugees Than Ever)

On September 3rd, just one day after the tragic image of little Aylan went viral around the world, activist Sean Devlin was arrested at Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s election campaign event in British Colombia. He was wearing a shirt that said ‘Aylan should be here’, in reference to the drowned Syrian toddler who sparked a fierce debate […]

Balloon Girl Reinvented For Banksy Video Showing Solidarity #WithSyria

In February last year, the UN called for an end to attacks on civilians in Syria, and more humanitarian aid for the millions in need. Since then, over 15,000 civilians have been killed, many of them children. Ten million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes. Three million Syrian children are no longer in school. Teachers […]

German Woman Who Survived WW2 Explains Why She’s Helping Refugees

As we recently reported here, German citizens have been so welcoming to the refugees fleeing Syria that local police had to actually tell them to stop bringing more aid. Just four hours after local authorities in Munich first asked people to donate much-needed goods to those arriving in the country, the only items that were still […]

Would Little Aylan Still Be Safe In Syria If It Weren’t For Western Imperialism?

Would Little Aylan Still Be Safe In Syria If It Weren’t For Western Imperialism?

A heartbreaking photograph of a dead Syrian toddler whose lifeless body washed up on a beach in Turkey yesterday added a very real dimension to the so-called European ‘migrant’ crisis. ‘Only by the grace of God is this not your child‘, said many Facebook users who shared the devastating image of this innocent child. ‘The failure […]

Palestinian Soccer Team Competes In First Major International Competition

Palestinian Soccer Team Competes In First Major International Competition

The Palestinian soccer team competed in its first international game this week, at the Asian Cup in Newcastle, Australia. Last year, the team won the AFC Challenge Cup, which qualified them for the 16-team Asian Cup in Australia. In Gaza City on Monday, hundreds of fans and supporters assembled to watch the game and celebrate the accomplishment. […]

The Beginning Of The End For Zoos? Orangutan Wins Rights And Freedom In Landmark Case

An orangutan named Sandra has been granted the status of ‘non-human person’ in a landmark case that could potentially spell the end for keeping wild animals in captivity. Sandra has lived in a zoo in Buenos Aires for the past 20 years, and animal rights activists have been campaigning to free her. They argue that Sandra’s […]

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