Bill Maher Says “Shut up and eat your mutant (GMO) chili” In Anti-Monsanto Rant

Bill Maher Says “Shut up and eat your mutant (GMO) chili” In Anti-Monsanto Rant

In light of the highly questionable effects of genetically modified organisms and modern agriculture, yet another celebrity has spoken out against Monsanto and the hotly debated creations known as GMOs. You may not agree with everything that Bill Maher says, host of HBO’s Real Time, and an often-billed guest on talk shows, but you have to at least […]

What You Need To Know About Coca Cola´s New Milk Product (Yes, We Said Milk…)

Coca Cola have partnered up with a dairy firm called Fairlife to launch a new brand of milk. “Who knew milk could be so spectacular?” purrs Fairlife CEO in this puke-inducing marketing video. Lactose free, with 50% more protein and calcium and half the sugar of regular milk, it seems Coca Cola hopes to re-brand […]

6 Brands Loaded With GMOs You Should Avoid Buying

6 Brands Loaded With GMOs You Should Avoid Buying

BY CHRISTINA SARICH, Ever wonder which companies you should totally avoid, whether it’s because they create low-quality food or because they infringe on our food rights? Below you will see 6 huge players in the food industry to avoid and boycott. You can boycott their products for the best effect or you can petition them […]

Just When You Thought You Couldn´t Hate Monsanto Any More, This Happens

Last week people in Oregon and Colorado lost the fight for GMO labelling as Monsanto, Pepsi and Kraft spent millions battling a law that would give us the basic right to know what we are eating. Now Monsanto is at it again in Maui- but it´s even worse. Unlike in the States, this month the people of […]

Monsanto Is Killing People in Argentina

People have been physically blocking all the access roads to a Monsanto construction site in the small town of Malvinas, Argentina, for over a year, protesting at the death and misery the corporation has brought to their community. Monsanto´s RoundUp spray (a harmful pesticide called glyphosate) has been sprayed on the fields surrounding this poor town of 15,000 for more […]

Hawaiian Fighter Takes On Monsanto

Dustin Barca is a Hawaiian professional surfer turned MMA fighter, who is now taking on a different kind of opponent: Big Agriculture. Barca is running for mayor of Kauai, a lush and fertile tropical island which is also home to some of the biggest agricultural and chemical companies in the world- including Syngenta, Dow, and Monsanto. Shocking […]