Justice At Last: Spain Is Forcing Banks To Pay Fines For Empty Homes

Justice At Last: Spain Is Forcing Banks To Pay Fines For Empty Homes

In a decision which should cause many a bankster to quake in their boots, the Spanish city of Barcelona has handed down a fine which totals 60,000 euros ($67,640) to three Spanish banks in an effort to force them to make use of empty properties. One hundred other towns and cities, including the capital Madrid, have […]

Balloon Girl Reinvented For Banksy Video Showing Solidarity #WithSyria

In February last year, the UN called for an end to attacks on civilians in Syria, and more humanitarian aid for the millions in need. Since then, over 15,000 civilians have been killed, many of them children. Ten million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes. Three million Syrian children are no longer in school. Teachers […]

Despicable: British Tourists Complain Of Refugees ‘Ruining Their Holidays’ In Greece

A video highlighting blatant racism and disregard for the suffering of refugees by certain people within British society is circulating, and it’s shocking. At least, it will be for all of you outside the UK; those of us who live here are becoming quite used to it (although I can say from experience that it never […]

Would Little Aylan Still Be Safe In Syria If It Weren’t For Western Imperialism?

Would Little Aylan Still Be Safe In Syria If It Weren’t For Western Imperialism?

A heartbreaking photograph of a dead Syrian toddler whose lifeless body washed up on a beach in Turkey yesterday added a very real dimension to the so-called European ‘migrant’ crisis. ‘Only by the grace of God is this not your child‘, said many Facebook users who shared the devastating image of this innocent child. ‘The failure […]

Exclusive: Greece’s Varoufakis Set To Blow Whistle On Germany’s Worrying Plan For Europe

In an article due to be published in popular German newspaper Die Zeit this coming Thursday, Greek ex-Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis will accuse Germany of hiding the truth about its real aims for Europe, and say his country’s exit from the single currency is all part of a plan hatched a long time ago to ‘discipline’ […]

Greek Ex-Finance Minister Owns German Politician On Solution To Eurozone Crisis

It’s been a crazy few days for Greece, with the people’s decision to reject further bailouts and austerity measures making history last Sunday (full story here). The hero of the hour is Greece‘s ex-finance minister Yanis Yanoufakis, who was forced to resign after winning the referendum result he had been fighting for these past few months. His […]

Greek Ex-Finance Minister: Media Is Guilty Of “Terrorism”, Elite Think Democracy Is Irrelevant

On Sunday, as we reported here, the Greek people voted NO to more loans and increased austerity measures by the ECB and IMF. It was a historic referendum result that revived that old-fashioned idea of democracy in a Europe now controlled by shady financial institutions and faceless international creditors. Winning a NO vote was an enormous […]

Cause For Celebration? Greece Just Told The Bankers To Stick Their Loans And Austerity

Greece held a referendum on Sunday to decide whether to accept further loans from the European Central Bank (ECB). The ‘help’ had been offered on the condition that Greece impose more crushing austerity measures on its citizens. The country has already been crippled by poverty since harsh cuts to public spending began in 2010. In a triumph for democracy […]

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