[Watch] Given A Choice Between A Chocolate Bar or Silver Worth $150, Americans Choose Chocolate

“Americans have been tricked into believing precious metals are not valuable,” says Addison Quale in response to the video above. And she’s right. In the informative experiment, it is vividly shown how central bankers have created an “uninformed, uninterested, ignorant, and pliable citizenry they can lead around by the nose.” She states that they have […]

Greek Ex-Finance Minister Owns German Politician On Solution To Eurozone Crisis

It’s been a crazy few days for Greece, with the people’s decision to reject further bailouts and austerity measures making history last Sunday (full story here). The hero of the hour is Greece‘s ex-finance minister Yanis Yanoufakis, who was forced to resign after winning the referendum result he had been fighting for these past few months. His […]

Greek Ex-Finance Minister: Media Is Guilty Of “Terrorism”, Elite Think Democracy Is Irrelevant

On Sunday, as we reported here, the Greek people voted NO to more loans and increased austerity measures by the ECB and IMF. It was a historic referendum result that revived that old-fashioned idea of democracy in a Europe now controlled by shady financial institutions and faceless international creditors. Winning a NO vote was an enormous […]

Cause For Celebration? Greece Just Told The Bankers To Stick Their Loans And Austerity

Greece held a referendum on Sunday to decide whether to accept further loans from the European Central Bank (ECB). The ‘help’ had been offered on the condition that Greece impose more crushing austerity measures on its citizens. The country has already been crippled by poverty since harsh cuts to public spending began in 2010. In a triumph for democracy […]

An Alternative Solution To Greek Crisis: Man Sets Up Crowdfunding Campaign To Pay Back Country’s Debt

This week the Greek financial crisis has reached a critical point, with fears of a run on the banks meaning citizens are now limited to taking out just €60 per day. Months of negotiations on extending Greece‘s cash-for-reforms deal with the Eurozone have collapsed, and the government will hold a referendum on Sunday to ask […]