Instead Of Asking For Money, This Once Homeless Man Hands Out Book Reviews

He may look like a roadside panhandler, but this gentleman is actually in charge of running a reading foundation that has even been recognized by South Africa’s president! People call him the “Pavement Bookworm,” and the name fits because he is a book lover on a mission to help others by sharing the written word. His […]

Locals Are Using The US-Mexican Border As A Volleyball Net To Promote Peace

Political boundaries will never divide those in favor of unity, and locals in Naco, Arizona and Naco, Sonora (Mexico) are demonstrating this. While mainstream media has a tendency to portray the border between the United States and Mexico as a war zone, this is a positive example of diverse populations engaging in play to raise […]

Ricky Martin Is Asking All Latinos To ‘Unite Against Donald Trump’

Ricky Martin Is Asking All Latinos To ‘Unite Against Donald Trump’

Whether you love Donald Trump or despise him, Ricky Martin makes a great point as to why Latinos – and individuals who favor equality – need to stop supporting the candidate. As Addicting Info shares, between calling Latinos “rapists,” saying Mexico sends their worst to the United States, and kicking Univision’s Jorge Ramos out of […]

Breaking: Germany Follows Scotland’s Lead And Opts To Ban GMOs

Breaking: Germany Follows Scotland’s Lead And Opts To Ban GMOs

New rules implemented by the European Union now allow individual member states to block farmers from using GM organisms, even if the variety has been approved on an EU-wide basis. As TrueActivist shared before, Scotland was quick to take up that opportunity. To “preserve the country’s clean and green brand,” Scotland chose to ‘opt out’ […]

No More Trews: Activist-Comedian Russell Brand Says Goodbye To His Followers

If you are one of Russell Brand‘s many critics, you can celebrate the news that his YouTube Channel The Trews recently aired its final episode. For everyone else who enjoyed his rants against Fox News, global corporations and corrupt governments, it’s a sad time indeed. In this final episode of the show, aired last week, Brand explains […]

Surfer Dude Turns Social Entrepreneur And Is Changing Lives In Indonesia!

To merge your passion with social change must be one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. Kyle Parsons would know, for up until 2004, he was just an average surfer dude. But since then, he’s made a massive impact in Indonesia and is showing the world the power of inspired social entrepreneurialism. Before 2004, […]

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