Naomi Klein On Obama´s Keystone XL Pipeline Lies

A new Democracy Now report interviews author and activist Naomi Klein about the Keystone XL pipeline. Despite Obama promising lower energy prices for Americans, he has continuously played down the environmental impact of this project (which would pump gas from Alberta, Canada to the Texas Gulf coast). The gas would then be exported to countries around […]

State Of Emergency Declared In Ferguson As Organizer Says Police Are “Preparing For War”

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency on Monday as he authorized the National Guard to assist police in Ferguson. This comes just before the grand jury’s decision on whether or not to charge Officer Darren Wilson for the murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown in August this year. Protests in Ferguson have not […]

Watch How Governments Attack Protesters To Defend Corporate Oil Giants

Shocking footage emerged today of the Spanish navy protecting an oil tanker in the Canary islands, where Greenpeace were protesting drilling in the area. One girl, a 23 year-old Italian, fell overboard when the navy´s speedboat rammed their dinghy at speed. She can be heard screaming as she falls overboard and breaks her leg in […]

Monsanto Is Killing People in Argentina

People have been physically blocking all the access roads to a Monsanto construction site in the small town of Malvinas, Argentina, for over a year, protesting at the death and misery the corporation has brought to their community. Monsanto´s RoundUp spray (a harmful pesticide called glyphosate) has been sprayed on the fields surrounding this poor town of 15,000 for more […]

Hong Kong Protesters Need Our Support!

Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong face arrest, tear gas and police violence for daring to demand free and fair elections in 2017. When Britain gave  Hong Kong back to China in 1997, the government agreed to give certain freedoms to the former colony, including free speech and the right to protest (neither of which are […]

City of Seattle May Change “Columbus Day” To “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”

City of Seattle May Change “Columbus Day” To “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”

Measures are currently underway in Seattle, Washington which would abolish the holiday known as “Columbus Day” and replace it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”. In the not-so-distant past, such a thing would be unthinkable, as the propagandized version of the founding of America was widely accepted until just a few years ago. In recent years, more […]

Ferguson Poet Uses Words Of Kindness To Change Police Attitudes

What´s the best way to deal with institutional racism and the continual police harassment of black Americans? According to 22-year old spoken word poet Marcellus Buckley, it´s  simple words of kindness.  Since first attending protests on August 14th, Marcellus has become known as Ferguson’s poet, distributing his poetry about social justice and inequality far and wide. […]