How To Be An Accidental Activist: Turning Bratz Dolls Into Wholesome Little Girls

Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh repairs and recycles broken and discarded dolls, taking off their make-up and giving them a new lease of life with some hand-knitted clothes and a clean-cut image. What started as a “fun hobby” for Sonia after being made redundant has become the global phenomenon that is ‘Tree Change Dolls‘, a brand which is […]

It’s Time To Connect With Your Friends Without Cell Phones, And Start Living Your Life!

There’s no shortage of inspired films urging the public to ‘wake up’ and consider living the life they were gifted. But as each one is incredibly unique and offers powerful insights to ponder, we’re sharing the short film created by Victor Habchy titled “Start – Shut Down.” In the following short film, Habchy acknowledges the sadness […]

9-Year-Old Builds Tiny Homes For The Homeless Because “Everyone Deserves A Place To Live”

We’ve featured some incredible young activists on the site before, but this nine-year-old girl from Bremerton, Washington is positively impacting the lives of many in an incredibly unique and inspiring way. When Hailey Fort was just 5 years old, she asked her mother if they could buy a homeless man a sandwich. Not a year had […]

The Man Who Stopped France’s Food Waste Seeks To Globalize The Law!

The Man Who Stopped France’s Food Waste Seeks To Globalize The Law!

The internet was in a frenzy when France recently passed legislation making it illegal for stores to purposely waste discarded food. As many pointed out in the comments section of True Activist’s coverage, such an intelligent plan deserves to go global – and now it just might! Arash Derambarsh, the local councillor who kick-started the fight […]