The Last Words Of Aaron Russo: “Americans, Tell The Government You’re Mad As Hell”

“Americans, mobilize. Stand together, stand tall. Don’t co-operate. Say no to national I.D cards. Get mad as hell.” These were the final worlds of film-maker and activist Aaron Russo, who died after a six-year battle with bladder cancer on August 24, 2007. Russo is famous for his (must-see) documentary America: From Freedom To Fascism, and also for his […]

Some Guy Has Pointed Out Something REALLY Strange About The 9/11 Footage We’ve Been Watching All These Years

Some Guy Has Pointed Out Something REALLY Strange About The 9/11 Footage We’ve Been Watching All These Years

On 9/11, millions of us around the world watched flight 175 smashing into World Trade Center South Tower. To be more accurate, we watched footage shown after the event, footage so shocking that almost everyone failed to see something rather strange about the left-hand wing of the airplane. In this rare video, the footage is slowed […]

Fox News Deleted Report In Wake Of 9/11: Israeli Spies Could Be Linked To Attacks

A Fox news series in the wake of 9/11 reported that Israel is “spying in and on the US”, and that “since September 11th more than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained.” In a four-part series which was later removed from air and deleted from Fox’s archives, the report states that Israeli spies, some posing as art students, “‘targeted […]

If Top Architects And Experts Don’t Believe The 9/11 Story, Why Should You?

This is a trailer for the 2012 documentary film 9/11: Explosive Evidence- experts speak out. It begins with Robert McCoy, a high-rise architect, stating he “does not want to be involved with conspiracy theories,” but admitting that despite this, he has some doubts about the official 9/11 story that just won’t go away. McCoy is […]

9/11: How Did The BBC Know About WTC7’s Collapse 23 Minutes Before It Happened?

At 5pm on the afternoon of September 11 2001, the BBC aired a live broadcast about the collapse of The Salomon building, usually known as World Trade Center Building 7 in the US. After introducing the topic, The anchor interviewed reporter Jane Standley at her base in New York, who described how the building had fallen. Halfway […]

Bush´s 9/11 Lies: A Complilation

For some, it´s inconceivable to believe that what happened in New York City thirteen years ago- the day the world changed forever- was a plot by the U.S government, to create mass panic that would allow them to use the Twin Tower attack as a justifiable excuse for waging a “War On Terror” on Iraq, […]