Syrian Refugee Arrested Attempting To Cross Texas Border After US Promised To Allow 10,000 Migrants


Last week, President Barack Obama announced that the US would be taking in up to 10,000 Syrian refugees over the course of the next year. However, it seems that the policy may be very tightly regimented, as Syrian refugees are already getting arrested while attempting to cross into the US.

Earlier this week, 27-year-old Syrian refugee Walaa Alrehawi was arrested after border control agents became suspicious and checked the passport that she was using. The passport actually belonged to her sister and she was using to it travel from Lebanon to Germany and then finally to Mexico.

Both Walaa and her sister charged on Friday with “willfully” using a U.S. passport intended for somebody else. However, in the midst of escaping a war zone, it is likely impossible to get the right paperwork to get a passport in time, and Walaa was obviously just doing the best she could with a bad situation. Now it is likely that she will end up in a prison or a FEMA camp for an extended period of time, simply because her circumstances made it impossible for her to get a passport.

As we have been reporting in recent weeks, the refugee situation in Europe has been met with both uplifting and disappointing reactions. Germany has been extremely open and generous to the refugees while other places are more resistant. We reported earlier this week that Naguib Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire and philanthropist, has decided to ?be the change? and help remedy the Syrian refugee crisis by purchasing an island in the Mediterranean to provide a new home to those displaced by the civil war.

In an interview last week, Syrian President Bashar Assad pointed out that the US and Europe are largely to blame for the?refugee crisis that has intensified in recent weeks.

As Assad noted, the United States government and NATO have funded and trained the Syrian rebels who ended up becoming ISIS. The rebels have been attempting to take over the Syrian dictatorship, not to set the people of?Syria free, but to install their own dictatorship.

Many of the anti-immigration commenters who have been against allowing the refugees to move from their war-torn homes, have claimed that Syrian migrants would be a drain on the economy and would eat up the benefits and welfare that Europeans receive. However, this is not true, many of the migrants are skilled and willing workers who don?t want any handouts, they just want to work and own their own property in place that is relatively peaceful and safe to raise children.

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war.

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