Suicide Attempt Foiled By Brazilian Firefighter’s Epic Flying Kick [Watch]

A Brazilian firefighter saved a woman's life in a heroic - yet unique - way.

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Sometimes you just have to plow through life’s obstacles to reach the other side. Such could be inspiring advice for an individual contemplating suicide, or it could be applicable wisdom to a person who has sworn to serve and protect.

As it turns out, a Brazilian firefighter did just this when he lowered himself down the side of a building in an attempt to foil a suicide attempt. You can view in the video how he descends towards the woman contemplating jumping to her death, then kicks off the building and tumbles into her like a wrecking ball.

The feat earned him plenty of praise from the crowd, as the quick-thinking ended up saving the lady’s life.

Was it the right method to foil a suicide attempt? That’s debatable, but it certainly is impressive as well as humorous.

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