Study Proves Cannabis To Be A Promising Treatment For Asthma

Evidence demonstrates that THC in cannabis reduces the bronchial inflammation associated with asthma.

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Contrary to popular belief, cannabinoids increase airflow to the lungs and prevent them from constricting. This could be especially helpful for asthma. A study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics shows that cannabinoids THC and THC-V work as a bronchodilator.

The research, guided by Raj Makwana from King´s College London in England, analyzed the effects of six cannabinoidsTHC, CBD, CBG, CBC, CBD-A and THC-V — in anesthetized guinea pigs. The analysis showed that only THC and THC-V inhibited the bronchoconstriction, THC being the most effective.

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NIH) asthma “is a chronic (long-term) lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways.” Asthma can be present in people of all ages but is more commonly diagnosed in children. As reported by the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), this chronic disease has been estimated to affect 300 million people worldwide and is attributed to up to 250,000 deaths every year.

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Bronchoconstriction is one of the main problems that patients suffering from asthma develop. During an asthma attack, the bronchioles become constricted, and little or no air is able to flow to the lungs.

Dr. Rachel Knox, current Medical Chair of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, spoke in an interview with Green Flower about the efficiency of cannabis. “THC is actually a very potent bronchodilator and that’s exactly what we need when we’re treating asthma. When we are suffering from an asthma attack, those bronchioles are squeezing on themselves, making it very hard to breathe. Well, enter THC. It opens those bronchioles right up and we can breathe better.”

Naturally, asthma patients tend to avoid smoking any substance. However, given that cannabis has been proven to help treat this disease, patients should seek the safest and most suitable method of consumption.

According to Dr. Dustin Sulak, a medical cannabis physician, one of the best methods is vaporization, because it provides more temperature control. Dr. Sulak also explains that one well-performed inhalation every day can reduce the constriction and expand the lungs respiratory capacity. Asthma patients should talk to a licensed doctor familiar with the benefits of marijuana for asthma.

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