Student With 4.4 GPA Is Suspended, Banned From Graduation And Nearly Arrested For Wearing This Shirt

Did the school go too far? Many think so...

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While sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch at Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, North Carolina, a senior named Summer was approached by the principal. Reportedly, the shirt she was wearing violated the institution?s dress code as?her shoulders were revealed.

WCNC reports that Summer was told to wear a coat to cover the offending item of apparel, so that?s exactly what she did. Shortly after, however, the principal returned accompanied by the school security officer. They then sent her to the control room to change her shirt entirely.

Summer recalled,

?The security guard was within five feet of me. He had his hand on his gun. The principal said, ?I?m gonna give you an ultimatum. We have tried to call your mother. You either come with me to the control room to change your shirt or we will arrest you.??

The student with a 4.4 GPA and multiple scholarships felt it was unfair, as she was wearing a coat, therefore, refused. The repercussion for refusing to change her attire resulted in Summer being suspended for ?insubordination,? as well as being banned from all end-of-year events – including her own graduation. This all occurred simply because Summer wore a shirt that bared her shoulders.

Summer, an Honor?s student, is banned from attending her own graduation.

Credit: WCNC

She put on a coat after being asked to cover the ?offending? clothing?

Credit: WCNC

?but was then suspended for refusing to change it entirely.

Credit: WCNC

Understandably, the incident has outraged many:

Did the school go too far?

Credit: WCNC

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