Student Gets Pulled Over By Cop, Then Receives This Instead Of A Ticket

A student gratefully received a valuable life lesson instead of a ticket in this circumstance.

Credit: YouTube

Cops in the U.S. have a pretty dismal reputation nowadays due to the error of a few, such as the officer who shot and killed Philando Castile while he was unarmed and in the car with his girlfriend and daughter. Fortunately, not all law enforcement workers are quick to pull the trigger in a tense situation or issue a ticket for a simple error, and that?s a truth everyone needs to remember.

An example of this is when Officer Martin Folczyk pulled over student Trevor Keeney for speeding. After the young man informed him that he was in a hurry due to a school presentation and needed help tying his tie, the cop took pity.

As Keeney fetched his license and insurance papers, the Officer knotted the tie around his own neck. Then, he gave it back to the University of Wisconsin-Stout student and explained how to adjust it. Rather than give Trevor a ticket, Officer Folczyk gave him a warning and sent him on his way with a properly tied tie.

While injustice does exist, it?s not fair to label all officers as ?ignorant? and ?racist?. Progress does need to be made, particularly in the U.S. where individuals of color are more likely to be shot by officers, but compassion is an important part of the solution – not hate. Please comment your thoughts below and share this news!

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