Street Artist Unveils New Project To Protest Brock Turner’s Release

Plastic Jesus' work of art plays on Turner's joke of a sentence.


Remember Brock Turner, the former Stanford swimmer who was convicted of raping a passed out, intoxicated woman? For good behavior, the rapist was released from prison three months early (after receiving a sentence of only six months). Understandably, this news has infuriated many, considering that one could spend their life behind bars for cultivating marijuana, a herb proven to benefit a number of afflictions.

In addition to people protesting outside the rapist’s home, some are raising awareness about Turner’s joke of a sentence through art. One such activist is Plastic Jesus, who is probably best recognized for creating a wall around Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star.

Recently, the street artist posted a photo of his contribution to the debacle on Instagram. Plastic Jesus pointed out that vandalizing city property could earn him up to three years in prison. Damage less than $400 could still earn him up to a year behind bars. The point he sought to make can’t be missed.

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