Strangers Tightly Grip Suicidal Man For 2 Hours Until Police Arrive

As soon as the man climbed over the rail and declared his plan to jump, a crowd of passersby rushed to the ledge and held onto him tightly.

Credit: Nigel Howard

An unexpected event unfolded last week when a suicidal man threatened to jump from a bridge located near Golders Green, North London. The man had climbed over the railing of the bridge, professing his desire to leap to his death, when passersby immediately rushed to grab him through the bars which prevented him from plummeting downward.

The Daily Mail reports that for two hours, the strangers tightly gripped the man who was in such a dark place, he wanted to end his life. Meanwhile, a crowd of about 75 people gathered below, whipping out their phones to capture photos of the event.

Once law enforcement workers arrived on the scene, a fire engine used its hydraulic lift to lower the man to safety. He was then put into an ambulance and detained under the Mental Health Act.

Credit: Nigel Howard

Not everyone was enamored by the scene of strangers holding tightly to a man who wanted to end his life. According to eyewitness Nigel Howard, “‘The crowd wanted to see what was going on, but there was also a bit of frustration among others because people weren’t even allowed to cross the road to get home.”

“The police were all very friendly, but people wanted to get home and see their families after a long day at work,” he added. “There were quite a few gasps and shocked faces, but a lot of people did not actually realise what was going on until it was pointed out to them.”

Credit: Nigel Howard

Regardless, many are celebrating the fact that so many compassionate strangers joined together to restrain the suicidal man. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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