Strangers Raise Over $250K For Desperate Teen And His Disabled Mother In TWO Days

Donations are pouring in to help this ?straight-A student" who asked for some food in exchange for menial labor.


It takes a humble spirit to ask for help, but sometimes in life, you have no choice. Such was the case for a ?straight-A student? named Chauncy Black. Reportedly, the Memphis teen approached a man named Matt White and asked for some doughnuts in exchange for carrying groceries.

It was clear to White that the teen just needed a break. So, he chatted with Black and soon after started an online fundraiser to help him and his mother. In just thirteen days, strangers from all over have helped raise $278,000!

Chauncy and his mother now have a chance of living a better life, thanks to the kindness of people who have never even met the duo.?A legal trust has been set up to manage the money, and the two are now living in an undisclosed hotel.

Whoever believes kindness is absent in today’s world hasn?t look hard enough. Plenty of positive happenings take place every day. Unfortunately, mainstream media refuses to cover many of the heartwarming stories which should be front and center.

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