Stick To Drinking These 15 Beers If You’re Looking To Burn Off That Belly Fat

Find out if your favorite beers made the cut.

Credit: Huffington Post

Credit: Huffington Post

It’s no secret that beers cause excessive drinkers to develop a sometimes unseemly gut, but not everyone knows the cause of the infamous “beer belly.” The answer is simpler than you think: calories and carbs.

Though ingesting a ton of calories and carbs is easy when you eat or drink anything, it’s even easier to guzzle down a half dozen to a dozen beers in one sitting if you’re with friends (or even at home). Most people don’t think to look into how many calories and grams of carbs each of their beers is packing, which makes the development of the beer belly that much more likely.

In another article, we listed 15 beers that are terrible for consumers to drink if they’re looking to cut out that beer belly. You don’t need to completely cut out beer from your life to get fit, but it’s important to know which beers to avoid and which beers to stick with.
Keep reading if you want to find out which beers are okay to drink if you want to keep drinking alcohol while burning away your belly fat.

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